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Sidmouth Counselling Fees and Charges

Free Pre-session consultation
It's important to get to know your therapist and feel comfortable talking to them. I offer a free telephone or video consultation which typically lasts 20-30 minutes; and is without any pressure or obligation for you to engage in further sessions. This allows time for you to get to know me, and to reassure yourself that we would be able to work together. It is also an opportunity to ask questions about the way in which we might work together.  After this preliminary meeting I will provide a copy of our working agreement for you to review and sign.  Subsequent sessions will be charged at the standard fee rate unless we agree otherwise.

My standard fee is £60.00 for a counselling hour.
This consists of 60 minutes of counselling and psychotherapy, which includes time in which to ground yourself at the beginning of the session; summarise and review our work at the end of the session, and arrange any subsequent appointments.

I also offer both online video and telephone therapy, which will last for the full hour and is charged at the standard fee rate.

Low Cost Counselling from £35.00 per hour.
I believe in providing a low cost counselling service for those on a low income, and keep a number of low cost sessions available to meet this need. If your income means that you are unable to afford the full fee, or you are a counselling student on a low income, then subject to availability I am able to offer a reduction from my standard fee. Please enquire for details.


Payment Options
I accept the following means of payment:

Cash, Credit or Debit cards at the end of the session

BACS or telephone payment prior to commencement of the first session

Payment Methods

Cancellation Policy
I understand that for many clients their lives can be chaotic. However, I request that clients provide 24 hours notice prior to cancellation of a session.  Failure to provide adequate notice may lead to a charge of the full session fee. Waiver of payment for cancelled sessions will be at my absolute discretion.

NOTE: Sidmouth Counselling fees and charges are reviewed on 1 January each year and this may result in an increase for existing clients. 

For confidential enquiries
contact Martin either by text
or phone on:  07467 039282

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