EMDR Therapy in Sidmouth, East Devon 

"I needed a way to change things without becoming overwhelmed"

EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy is a structured eight stage psychotherapy. A key aim of EMDR is for you to be able to recall difficult events without feeling the full pain, discomfort and overwhelm which normally accompanies it. This allows you to progress on to forming new and healthy relationships with the issues you are bringing. EMDR can focus upon past, present or future events. Therefore it is a particularly suitable therapy for Trauma, PTSD and Anxiety. 


EMDR has been extensively researched and is a proven effective treatment for a range of adverse life experiences. You will not be expected to talk about triggering experiences in detail. This is unlike many 'talking therapies'. Processing can therefore take place without you becoming overwhelmed.  I provide EMDR either face to face or online from my practice in Sidmouth East Devon. Example of the issues clients bring include:

  • Sexual abuse including historic abuse
  • Physical and emotional abuse
  • Accidents resulting in serious injury
  • Witnessing a traumatic incident
  • Anxiety about past, present or future events
  • Complex Bereavement
  • Depression
  • Phobias

Any issue which results in an area of stuck-ness or distress is a suitable target for EMDR reprocessing.  It can be delivered as a therapy in its own right. I normally however, combine and integrate it with other therapeutic approaches.  This ensures that you receive a bespoke and personal form of therapy to recognise your needs as an individual.

The training course I have completed is recognised and accredited by EMDR Europe, and I am a member of EMDR UK which acts as a the professional and training body for clinicians practicing in the UK.

EMDR Sidmouth East Devon


Sometimes clients might arrive for therapy highly dysregulated and overwhelmed. The priority when this happens is to stabilise the client as part of the preparation stage of EMDR. Then we can begin to work on reprocessing a target memory or anticipated event.  The Flash Technique (FT) is a recently developed evidenced-based therapeutic intervention. Its aim is to reduce the disturbance associated with a target memory.  FT is a minimally intrusive option that allows the client to process traumatic memories without feeling distress or becoming overwhelmed.

I have been trained by the creator of FT, Dr Philip Mansfield, to integrate this technique into the way that I work.  The therapy can be used as a stand-alone stabilisation technique. For the vast majority of clients however, further stages of EMDR are required to facilitate full reprocessing.

Flash Technique EMDR Sidmouth East Devon


To find out more information about either EMDR or the Flash Technique, please contact me for an informal chat . Together we can explore how EMDR can help you from my practice in Sidmouth, East Devon.  

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